About Me

About Me

Welcome to Mindfulsome!

I’m Preiksha Jain, founder of Mindfulsome, based in the serene valleys of Jammu Kashmir, India. My journey in relationship coaching is fueled by a passion for nurturing understanding and growth in personal relationships.

Our Journey

Mindfulsome began as a heartfelt blog in 2020, evolving into a full-fledged relationship coaching platform in 2023. This transformation was driven by my aspiration to create a space where effective guidance and support for relationships are readily accessible. Mindfulsome is not just a platform; it’s a vision realized, dedicated to empowering individuals in their quest for deeper, more meaningful connections.

Our Impact

Since its inception, I have had the privilege of coaching over 25 individuals, helping them navigate the complexities of their relationships. Beyond individual coaching, Mindfulsome has grown into a vibrant community of over 1200 members, each seeking to enrich their relationship experiences.

Our Promise

Mindfulsome is my most cherished endeavour, a testament to my commitment to helping others achieve healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Whether you are seeking to overcome challenges or simply aiming to deepen your bond, Mindfulsome is your companion on this journey towards a more mindful and connected relationship experience.

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Dear Preiksha Feeling better after discussed problem with you face to face on video call Now I am your student and you are my teacher and I am surrender to you and follow you I am in favourite of you and top fan of you Please help me to solve my problem and support me to solve my problem.

Harivadan Inamdar

She is a great listener , observer and Best advisor.


I was at my lowest when I met her, I tried to hurt myself and hated myself for a long time but she made it all gone in 2 sessions. I love how she made me feel good about myself. All I want to say is thankyou Preiksha.


She is a great listener , observer and Best advisor


She is having very energetic aura which she spreads over her clients. A person will feel a sense of self confidence and strength while talking to her. Thank you for being there as a good listener and coach.