12 Best Books for one-year-olds: With Links!
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Do you know the best books for one-year-olds?

Before I tell you about the best books for one-year-olds, here’s to diapers, sleepless nights, stuff toys, slurp farm, Cerelac, and many more! Congratulations on the birth of your child.

Well, there’s a whole list of things that you must have planned for your kid, ranging from his name to the school you will be getting him admitted to, the places you will take him to, and a lot more.

Being a parent, we understand how essential it is to focus on the learning of your child. However, at this stage, when you’ll be busy feeding him and getting him a variety of toys, you might think the idea of reading to your infant is a bit strange and inappropriate.

But, let me tell you, learning must begin at an early age. Of course, I am not asking you to get a pile of books and hand them over to your infant. That’s useless. Moreover, impossible.

We have come up with this updated article that includes the 12 best books for one-year-olds and that you can read out to your child. The latter part also aims at answering some of the basic questions. Let’s have a look-

12 Best Books for one-year-olds

1. Moo Baa La La La

This little book is the perfect way to get your child to know animals and the sound they make. From a dog’s bark to a cat’s meow to a horse’s neigh- your child will have fun throughout!

2. First Farm Words (first 100)

This book for one-year-olds is based on farm words. The book is filled with colourful illustrations and covers basic vocabulary for your baby. In addition, it features a wide range of pictures of farm animals, farm produce, machinery, and other farm-related objects.

3. Where is a Baby’s Belly Button

This book comes up with an idea to help your baby learn about body parts. As and when you open the book, it starts by asking where the baby’s eyes are? And as you move forward, his eyes move below the hat. Then, it goes on to ask about other body parts.

4. Time For Bed

This is one of the best books for one-year-olds best suited for bedtime. An adorable storyline features the mother mouse asking her little kid to retire to bed as the night approaches. The book will be appealing to your child as it includes simple rhymes and watercolour illustrations.

5. Little Green Frog

A perfect choice for interactive reading! The book revolves around a frog introducing you and your kids to his friends who live around. His friends are a duck and her new ducklings, fish, turtles, a rabbit, and a few more. And this one’s my personal favourite!

6. Will You Be My Sunshine?

The book presents a lovely storyline where a little asks his mommy if she will become his sunshine when cold. She replies in the affirmative. And following this, he asks if she will become his rainbow when it’s dark. The book will cause you to caress your child more. 

7. Counting Kisses

Among the best books for one-year-olds that will boost your affection for your baby! When the baby is frustrated and cries, everybody in the house offers them kisses. It helps in teaching counting, from 10 kisses on the baby’s toes to the one last kiss on their forehead.

8. Roar, Roar, Baby!

The book will keep your kid hooked in searching for the baby tiger. It features a baby who wanders about a zoo, calling out the baby tiger. But the tiger is nowhere to be seen. And, after all this, the baby stumbles upon the baby tiger who is hiding in the tall grass. I loved reading it to my kids!

9. Look, Look- 

This book is a great way to let your little one explore a variety of things. It allows your child to count all the activities that are taking place around- the blooming flowers, swimming fishes, and shining stars. The book has short and simple text printed in red. My kids learned almost everything from this one! 

10. On My Leaf

The book presents a fun-filled journey of a ladybug who chills out on a leaf. It walks through the rain, drinks water, and enjoys with its family. You and your kid will get to follow her throughout her journey.

11. “More, More, More”, Said The Baby

This book mainly features three characters: a little guy, a little pumpkin, and a little bird. These babies are having fun with their parents, and it’s never enough for them. So, they demand more and more playing time. 

12. My Very First Book of Numbers

Oh yes! You should get this book for your little munchkin. One of the best books for one-year-olds- this will help make them learn numbers. It depicts ten fruits with numbers that match them. It will be an easy and fun way for your kid to learn counting. Another thing about this book is that your kid will learn numbers and come across different fruits.

Why should you read to your one-year-old?

A twelve-month-old child can see and feel the presence of things around them. He begins to understand objects slowly. So, point to objects and say the names aloud.

 Before your child begins to learn the printed words, he’d love to hear the sound of the language. It is the first step towards making them understand the meaning of objects around them. 

Reading out to children acts as a booster in improving their listening skills and imagination power. In addition, it makes their learning process more manageable.

Please note, even if your child is independent when it comes to reading, do not leave reading out to them. Instead, go for books that are according to their interests but a bit beyond their understanding level. This way, you can expand their understanding.

What to consider when buying books for one-year-olds?

Below is the list of things that you should keep in mind when purchasing books for one-year-olds-

1. Illustrations- your child will love books with vivid, colourful, and extensive illustrations.

2. Text- the text of the book should be simple with repetitive and easy-to-remember rhymes.

3. Interactive- go for books that let your kid participate while reading, such as the ones with buttons and flaps.

4. Material of the book- books made up of cloth or board books will be appealing to your child.

What are the reading activities that you can perform for your infant?

  1. Use your voice- your baby would love to hear funny sounds more than anything. So go for the weirdest sounds you can ever make. Eventually, your child will try and imitate you.
  2. Visit the library- get your child introduced to books via a library. Present a collection of books of different types to her, and notice which one they grab and pay attention to the most.
  3. Be a role model- children tend to imitate people around them. For example, grab that magazine that you were not able to read for a long time now. In a short period, you will find him leafing through them.


We want to wind up by saying that try and plan a 20 minutes reading schedule with your little one. It will help him a long way.

The article brought to you some of the best books for one-year-olds to kick-start your child’s learning process. We understand that a little child comes up with many duties, and you must have many other things to look after. So when your child grows a year more, you can begin reading these books to them! 

Start with small steps. They can make a big difference!