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I met my friend over coffee, the other day. Our talks turned towards our relationships and partners. I found myself sharing about the lack of excitement in my long-term relationship. 

“Ours is a long-distance relationship of 3 years. We juggle a lot between work and responsibilities. And
we have worked around keeping our intimacy alive.”

When I asked my friend how, she said- “I mean, compromises, waiting for each other, fights, and making-up is all good. But one thing that’s keeping our strings pleasurably entwined is, (she hushes), dirty talks. Lots and lots and lots of dirty talks!” 

We shared a laugh at that, and she delved into the juicy details.

I come home and immediately send my girlfriend (I am bisexual and in love with a woman) a message- 

“I am thinking of you, and I can’t wait to feel your skin against mine.” 

The distance in a long-distance relationship is sometimes a bit too long. And you have to work twice as hard to keep the spark alive. You send gifts to each other, listen to your partner’s rant about their crappy boss or problems with parents. 

Being physically intimate with your partner may be the biggest problem here, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with them while on the phone. 

In my opinion, and probably in everybody else’s, sexual chemistry is the most crucial element of a long-distance relationship. Of course, it, by no means, means that sex is everything. 

What are Dirty Talks for a Long-Distance Relationship all about?

When discussing dirty talks in a long-term relationship, using the right words to arouse your partner is most important. Texting the words that will make them imagine that scenario and grow horny is the exact purpose of dirty talking in a relationship. It can be incredibly intense, filled with passion, or majorly romantic! 

You can say these things either via text messages or in bed with your partner. The idea is to arouse them and make them think of you just as you are thinking of them. 

These can be posed as sexy questions, your sexiest memory with them, or a snippet from your sexual experience with your partner. 

Dirty talks are descriptive, effective, and right on point. Saying just the right thing can make your significant other go from not in the mood to begging for it! 

But you need to know what those right things are and how they will hit the spot without offending your partner or turning them off. 

Before I share the list of dirty talks for your long-distance partner, I’d like to add a disclaimer: 

*All these dirty talks are not gender-based even when I use the words ‘man’, ‘woman’. You can use these sentences with your partner, regardless of their gender or how they like to be identified. All of it is gender-neutral.* 

20 Dirty Talks to Make Your Girl Go ‘Ooohh’ 

When sending sexy messages, make sure you are yourself, authentic, and original. Throw in some personal memories, play with words, or add some details from your personal sexual experiences with your woman. That may be dirty talks or romantic things, and you will bring a huge smile or a suppressed moan out of your girl. 

Now, sending sexy messages or saying something dirty to your woman will not turn her on instantly. So please read this before sending her any dirty messages without turning her off, to make sure that you are doing it right.

  • “I imagine you with me right now, and I am so hard.” 
  • “Remember our stay at that hotel in Seattle?” 
  • “I can’t wait to see you in your black bra tonight.” 
  • “I have always wanted to have sex in front of the mirror and me spanking your delicious ass.” 
  • “The next time I see you, I am going to pull you in my arms, sweep you off your feet, and never let you go!”
  • “I won’t be able to keep my hands off you; I crave your skin against mine…” 
  • “Imagine me sucking your earlobe, kissing your neck, all the way down to your breasts, and squeezing ‘em!”
  • “I want you to be my doctor tonight ;).” 
  • “I want you so damn close to me right now!” 
  • “May I have your photo, preferably with no clothes?” 
  • “I’ll touch your waist, and bite your neck, and feel your skin all night.” 
  • “I want to fuck you.” 
  • “I want my face between your legs!” 
  • “Just the thought of you naked drives me crazy!” 
  • “I love the sound of your moan and how you scream my name…” 
  • “I’ve been thinking of fondling you all day!”
  • “Can’t wait to taste my dessert tonight ;).” 
  • “Hey, the image of you in red bra is making me horny in the middle of the day…” 
  • *insert a photo* “This is how I am when I think of you.” 
  • “I love the way you taste.” 

20 Dirty Talks To Make Your Man Hard! 

The simple rule here is also: Be yourself, be authentic, and add a pinch of your sexiest memories with your man or any person with a penis. I am enlisting 20 sexy talks for a long-distance relationship that will have your partner flying to you right away! 

  • “I am out shopping, and I am not wearing any underwear!” 
  • “I grow so hot when I imagine you atop me!” 
  • “I bought new panties. Do you want to see me in them?” 
  • “I’ll just go and take off my clothes; it’s so hot here!”
  • “I need you ASAP!” 
  • “Are you free after work? I have some serious urge to be kissed long and hard, down there…” 
  • “I need your body next to me right now. Come to me soon! 
  • “I absolutely cannot imagine sharing you with anyone! You are solely mine!”
  • “Remember how you lifted me at the airport upon seeing me? It’s making me grow weak in my knees!” 
  • “I am at work, and all I am thinking about is you, on top of me.” 
  • “God, how do you manage to look so damn hot!”
  • “I want you to make love to me in front of the mirror so I can see you doing me.” 
  • “It makes me go wild when you call me your *dirty word*.”
  • “I need you to think of me naked, wet, and so ready for you!” 
  • “Your briefs look good on you. But your briefs will be even better on the floor.” 
  • “I miss your hands all over me!” 
  • “I love when you touch me like you are claiming me but so gently, too!” 
  • “I want to see the beast in you tonight!” 
  • “I have sharpened my nails; I can’t wait to mark my territory!” 
  • “Come to bed.” 

Tips For Making Dirty Talks More Intense! 

Say something naughty in public: 

Nothing is sexier than your partner being naughty or saying something sexily dirty in a public place. Of course, you will be blushing hard, suppressing your moan, or clutching your bag a bit tighter, so no one knows what they are doing to you. But if you do it with your partner or they do it with you, imagine how big of a turn-on it is! Just whisper those sweet nothings and see the magic yourself! 

Know what your partner likes:  

Knowing and understanding what your partner likes is always useful. You know the right words, at what time they shall be available, what they will get super turned on at. This is not only great for virtual sexual intimacy, but it also strengthens your relationship and builds a stronger romantic intimacy. 

Say what feels natural: 

Don’t say things that sound foreign even to your ears. Say sexy dirty things sweetly and innocently. Be natural with what you are feeling. Don’t be awkward. And if what you are feeling may sound awkward to them, change the wordings or ask what they shall like you to do. 

Leave a voice note or a text message: 

Long-distance relationships usually depend upon phonic conversations, video calls, and lots of dirty talks. Make sure to text or send a voice note carrying all those words they most like to hear or squirm with eroticism at. Make sure to make its impact lasting so that they remember it when you get the alone time. 

Finishing Up 😉 

If you are new to this, start slow, know your partner better, and then proceed. Dirty talks in long-distance relationships or people are always the best if both of you are on the same page with this concept. “I need you with me.” is always the best way to start! You will understand how your partner responds to which words the most! 

Happy Sexting!