Female Masturbation 101: Life is short, Touch yourself!
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The first time I had masturbated made me unbox the magic hiding in my panties. I found my clitoris without ever knowing of its existence in my body, and my first orgasm unleashed in me the curiosity to explore more, learn more, and pleasure myself more.

And I will talk about female masturbation in this blog post!

In bed, on the couch, at the office, or at home, we women want to pleasure ourselves, without feeling the pressure and the need to consider it a taboo. Before we read further into the topic, know, and understand that female masturbation is not a forbidden practice, nor is it harmful to you.

And now, let’s dig right into it.

Female Masturbation and Different Strokes for Pleasuring Yourself

Masturbation is not just reclining in a warm bubble bath with a glass of champagne in hand, nor is it lying in a silky-satin magenta robe in a magnificent bed.

It is a pleasurable activity where women touch their genitals, stroke them, pat them, and penetrate them with either fingers or toys. And women masturbate in different positions and at different places. Porn, erotica, sex toys, and sexy imagination are all part of self-sensual gratification.

Take a look at the most common types of masturbation. But remember, these types may vary from a person to person in terms of orgasm.

Clitoral Masturbation:

The super-sensitive pea-sized organ on the vulva with thousands of nerve endings in it, the clitoris is the only organ of your body with the function to make you feel good. And the stroking of the clitoris with the tip of your finger(s), or a vibrator can provide you with an orgasm so electrifying that your entire body feels the sublime shockwave of fulfilment.

Vaginal Masturbation:

Either with your fingers or a sex toy, you penetrate your vagina to pleasure yourself. Vaginal stimulation leaves your vaginal walls throbbing as you feel an internal orgasm. The wetter the vagina, the more sensational your orgasm shall be. With a G-Spot vibrator, you can stimulate your G-spot to bring you a bombastic orgasm.

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Anal Masturbation:

For a deep, powerful, and mind-boggling orgasm, penetrating your anus, either with your fingers or a sex toy, is a great option. Playing with your anus indirectly stimulates your G-Spot via the wall of tissues shared between the vagina and rectum. Make sure to use as much lube to ease your anal sphincter as it needs to relax, and also because your anus does not lubricate itself as the vagina does.

Combo Pack:

What is better than an orgasm? That’s right. More than one orgasm. Multiple orgasms by stimulating different orgasm zones in your body via multiple sex toys, or both hands. An orgasm by rubbing your clit with one hand while fingering yourself with the other can be a phenomenal experience, leaving your body trembling in the waves of pleasure. And if possible, you can have a double dildo to fill both your holes while you stimulate your clit can definitely leave you gasping for air.

Erogenous Zones:

For le petite mort and full-body wham bam, touching and stroking parts of your body filled with eroticism does the trick. Stimulate your nipples, inner thighs, neck, earlobes, toes, whatever gets you hot and yearning. Fondling your breasts, pinching your nipples, caressing your butt-cheeks, massaging your shoulders and chest, etc. combined to guarantee an intense orgasm. Don’t be afraid to tease your body, and do not hesitate in exploring what your body likes.

How to Masturbate- A complete guide to Female Masturbation

Not that you need to know that but a few tips and tricks do not harm; they only bring more pleasure. Masturbation is important. No, because you need to release everything pent up inside you, but also because of its benefits (we’ll get to it later in the post).

And knowing how to do it right for an amazing orgasm is a treasure never to be traded. I’ll go step by step for each type of masturbation for you to try!

Clitoral Orgasm

  • Slide your fingers up and own your inner and outer lips of the vulva while massaging the region on top of your pubic bone.
  • Rub, stroke, tap your clitoris through the hood. Rub your clitoris gently, with less pressure in a circular motion. Stroke it in a slow rhythmic fashion. Make gentle taps on it to build yourself to orgasm.
  • Now once your clitoris hood retracts slightly and the clitoris is wet, you can speed up the stimulation. Intensify the feeling with a little bit more pressure and a faster speed.
  • A Clit Vibrator is undoubtedly a wonderful way to up your masturbation game without having to tire your fingers. Just run the vibrator up and down the region until the electric shockwave radiates through your body.

Clitoral orgasm is all about stimulating your clit. But you can also stimulate indirectly from inside the vagina. How do you do that? Good question.

Simply, penetrate about ⅓ of your vagina with your fingers and stimulate the front wall, combined with the right amount of pressure and gentle stroking. Don’t worry if you don’t reach the climax in the first go. It may take some time and practice.

According to Diana Sadat, sex therapist and clinical counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia, “It takes your clitoris some time to get aroused and for blood to begin to flow. So begin to stroke around your clitoris, touching your labia without directly going for the clit for a bit until you feel ready for that type of stimulation.”

Why she says so is because your clitoris is super sensitive, courtesy of the thousands of nerve endings it has, and going directly at it may turn you off rather rapidly than for you to get off.

Positions to try for Clitoral Orgasm:

  • Classic Rub and Stroke: Fingers, Vibrator, or dildo, use anything to rub and stroke your inner and outer lips of the vulva and the clitoris.
  • Tap Dance: Gently, slow taps on your clitoris and the hood help the mood to build and bring you closer to orgasm.
  • Grind the Pillow: No toy or fingers required. Straddle a pillow and start grinding your pelvis on it to get there. Wilder the imagination, deeper the grinding.
  • Good Ole’ Orbiting: Slow, gentle, and small circles on and around your clit, while you touch the labia will always bring in the explosive orgasm.
  • Bang with the toys: Clit Vibrators, dildos, showerheads, etc. are really, really good for those who don’t want to outwork their hands and fingers, and wanna go a bit extra. After all, anything can be a dildo, if you are daring enough!

Vaginal Orgasm

Masturbation and orgasm via penetrating the vajayjay leave your vaginal walls throbbing and convulsing. Vaginal masturbation allows you to stimulate your G-spot and the orgasm, as I mentioned before, is bombastic.

  • Massage your vaginal opening. Wait for a nice build-up and the vagina to get wet, or just lube it up. The wetter the vagina, the better the pleasure.
  • Insert your fingers, or vibrator, or a dildo in your vagina. Move your fingers or the toy in a circular motion, in-and-out motion, ‘come here’ motion or a combination of all of them. Start slow and gentle, find the rhythm that best suits you.
  • As you get closer to the climax, intensify the pressure and the speed. You will start to feel vibrations deep inside your vagina. And the orgasm shall be explosive internally. But there is not a problem if you don’t feel any vibrations just as yet. Not everyone gets an orgasm only via penetration.
  • For that, you can do small jazz of massive orgasm by stroking your clit as well as the vagina or penetrating your anus along with the vagina. Use toys like- G-Spot vibrators, dildos, ben-wa balls, etc. for more pleasure.

Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasms are not only for the people with the sausage. Taco bearers can get off rather amazingly through anal masturbation. How? When you stimulate your anal with your finger or a sex toy, you indirectly stimulate the G-Spot through the wall of tissue between the anus and the vagina.

The only thing super, extremely, compulsorily needed here is a lube. You must, at all costs, use lube in your anus because unlike the vagina, it does not self-lubricate naturally.

  • Massage the inside and the outside of your anal opening.
  • Gently, insert your finger or a sex toy into your anus. Start moving the finger or the toy in a slow rhythmic fashion.
  • Once the orgasm starts to build up, shift to in-and-out motion, or the circular motion, or the combination of them. Up the speed and the pressure, and keep going until you finally get off.
  • You can use toys- vibrators, double dildos, anal beads, rimming plugs, etc. for a blasting experience. You can find more of these toys here.

Mind-Blowing Positions for Female Masturbation

I purposely left the combo masturbation because with these positions you can most certainly get the best of the combo orgasm.

1.  Get on your Knees

Kneel and penetrate both your openings with the double dildo for a mind-boggling orgasm. Go in slow, do some in-and-out, and heat the things by going in faster, and with more pressure. Don’t forget to use lube.

2.  Solo Lover

This goes best for the G-spot and the vagina play. Get comfortable with a stack of 3-4 pillows behind your back and sprawl your legs on the bed. Enter. Finger, Go in and out. Go slow, go fast. Your g-spot shall respond amazingly well to the intense stroking, intense pressure, and intense vibrations. When you are in this position, it is easier to locate your g-spot, and also because it swells with blood when you are turned on. G-Spot vibrators, non-vibrating steel/silicon wands, etc. are the best to go. Stroke your clitoris or play with your nipples, or squeeze your breasts for more and better pleasure.

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3.  Dildo Squat

This one is for those who can get off with deep penetration. Attach a suction cup dildo to the floor or a chair, or anywhere you love to be penetrated and then get onto the toy in a squatting position. Now this position shall open up your vaginal canal and allow you to stimulate the vaginal erogenous zones.

4.  Pro Solo Doggy Style

Get on your fours, widen your legs, and make use of one of your hands to enter either your anus or your vagina or to stroke your clit. Penetrate your anus with butt-plugs, anal beads, and/or your vagina with vibrators, and a dildo. Even better if you don’t want to tire your hand or fingers. Get a remote control vibrator, and attune the intensity and the sensations as per your liking.

5.  Hump

For this, you shall lay on your stomach, and grind your hips against a soft surface, or a pillow, hump on your hand, or a suction cup dildo that bends. This position is best for those who love to grind against their partners or who enjoy a lot of pressure on the front wall of the vagina. Slide against your fist, grind against your palm and rub yourself against your knuckles for deeper pleasure. Taking off your panties or leaving them on is entirely your choice.

Health Benefits of Female Masturbation

For those who fear masturbating, and consider it a taboo, and those who feel guilty after doing it, take a look at all the sexual as well as health benefits of masturbation and why it is important:

Stress Buster and Pain reliever

Orgasm is a stress buster. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Picture yourself getting a mind-blowing orgasm, how you just dived into a brief moment of deep stupor, and how you have forgotten all about the next project, the meeting with the boss, the kids’ homework, or the fight with your partner. It not only puts away all the stressful thoughts out of your mind but re-energizes you to get back in the field with more confidence.

Masturbation helps in relieving period pain- proven fact!

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Confidence Booster

Imagine yourself being all slack and sloppy because you ain’t getting enough action in your life. And imagine how sluggish you feel when there are all work and no play. Masturbation and orgasms are not just the stress buster, but also confidence boosters. Physical activity releases endorphins which are responsible for uplifting your mood. And masturbation is a phenomenal pleasurable physical activity that unleashes the endorphins in you. A clear head, a lighter mood, and a huge smile are all that you call confidence.

Better Sleep

Just as a physical activity makes you tired, masturbation gets you tired, an orgasm can make you fast asleep. Upon orgasming, you release all the pent-up energy and tension. According to the Cleveland Clinic, your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing are all at the highest, most frenetic rates.

Such exhaustion can obviously lead to sleep. As per a theory, orgasm prompts the release of more prolactin, which is linked with sexual contentment and connects with sleep.

Self-Assurance in your Sexuality

Not just does your personality become more confident but also you become more aware of your sexuality and what your body likes. As we are sexual beings, masturbation is a great way to know about your sexuality, what your sexual preferences are, how you like to be pleasured, and what your body best responds to.

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“I really believe firmly in [masturbation] building confidence and self-esteem for women and knowing their own bodies and what they like.”

Kelly Kitely

Enhances your Libido

I understand how all the stress, pain during pregnancy or childbirth, trauma, depression, and/or chronic illnesses can make you turn your back on sexual activities and experiences. And I also understand how sexual dysfunction in females can nearly bring their libido to extinction. But orgasms through masturbation are here to save the day!

Once you begin to orgasm, you would most definitely want to have more of it. It leads to more sexual thoughts, better sexual response, and ultimately enhanced libido. However, masturbation does not work like this in everyone’s case. And for that, you can and should seek medical help to treat the issue.

Workout on your Pelvic floor

Masturbation helps strengthen the pelvic floor. According to the Mayo Clinic, your pelvic floor is a group of muscles supporting crucial internal organs like the bladder, and uterus. A strong pelvic floor can help you avoid the issues like leaking urine upon sneezing, laughing, or coughing, which usually happens after you deliver a baby. To strengthen the pelvic floor, there are Kegel exercises, forming a bridge that also strengthens your buttocks, squats, and ‘squeeze and release’.

Increased Blood flow to the Vagina

Masturbation helps increase the blood flow to the vagina, which prompts more lubrication to the vagina. It relieves you of some vaginal discomfort and pain. To maintain vaginal resiliency before and after menopause, masturbation with internal toys like dildos can be helpful.

Menopause happens when the ovaries start to produce a low enough level of estrogen and progesterone for you to not have periods. So when you have stopped having periods for a year, you are officially menopausing. It usually happens to females between the age of 40 and 50.

So masturbation during menopause makes the vagina more lubricated which lessens the vaginal discomfort. It maintains vaginal elasticity, as per Dr Wendie Trubow.

However, if you are a person who is menopausing, and if this technique is uncomfortable for you, you absolutely don’t have to try this. You can seek medical help and the most effective treatment for it.

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There are various other important health benefits of female masturbation like bettering the immune system, better cognition, relief from menstrual cramps, keeping your heart active, etc. These benefits may sound bizarre and unrealistic. But to prove this, we have the expert studies in 2017 in The Journals of Gerontology about masturbation prompting better cognition as a female ages, research conducted in 2003 on 11 people to check for the level of lymphocytes increased in their body 5 minutes after orgasm in 5 people of them.

However, I am not at all saying that masturbation is the power-packed treatment for all your ailments. Masturbation is a pleasurable physical activity that helps and betters your sexual health and overall health in more than one manner.

So, what are you waiting for? Life is short, touch yourself!